Comment to the last Detox

Yesterday finished a Detox Retreat and it touches my heart how fast a group of 9 people which never met before can be together as a family so fast.We spent a beautiful week together, juicing, meditating, walking, talking and being in silence. Specially the silence gives such a depth to the experience of being together and in the same time real awareness of oneself. Everybody appreciate this times of depth.One evening after a whole silent day we had a long talk which brought us all together to a new consciousness.These retreats are life changing for me and the participants.I am so much looking forward to the next adventure with people who are looking for new solutions, new answers, new perspectives and new friends.

In case you want to do a detox on your own, here a good recipie
In case you want to do it in a group, of course you are very welcome to join us here at that lovely rustique place. We start the next at the 31.10th.
Here is also a film about the consume of animal products. Its very informative and scientific. Very worth to watch and maybe a motivation to finally do what your body deserve already for a long time.
Delicate balance:

Hope to see you sometime here, much love Jutta

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