Aqui uma receita que usamos muito na AVIDANJA para desfrutar do frutos da época, em esse caso maçãs. Isso pode ser usado como sobremesa ou acompanhamento para pancakes;) Pode também ser feito em pequenas quantidades;) O Joel escrevi a receita, assim em inglese:

Sugar-free apple compoteDSCN3446

Ingredients: Apple and cinnamon.

Material: A big pot of boiling water- some good qualities jars

Time: 20 min cooking, 20 min sterilising, 45 min preparing ( according to how much apple you want to do).

The good news is that it is possible to conserve cooked apple that taste sweet, are very satisfying, and last a long time in the jars, without using any added sugar!

First we need to find some glass Jars with a good lid that fit and close well- They need a good clean in warm soapy water ( including the lids)- and left air dry.DSCN3447

Meanwhile, peel and core the apple- chop them and let them be cooked at a medium-low heat with some cinnamon for about 20 min or more- Until they are nice and soft. Its possible to add a bit of water, but they probably will be ok to cook in their own juice.DSCN3450

The cinnamon plays a key role in enhancing the natural sweetness of the apples.

Start preparing a big pot of boiling water that will contain the jars. DSCN3458

Once ready fill up the jars, leaving about half cm at the top between the apple and the lid. We need to make sure the lid and the top of the jar is clean and dry to avoid contamination. Close the jar- well but not too tight.

Plunge the jars now full in the big pot of water. They do not need to be completely covered but to be steamed in boiling water for about 20 min to sterilise them and make them shelve safe. Under the heat and the pressure the lids should seal. Thats a good sign they are safe.

delicious, we love it!!!!




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